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YEAR 1999

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B. Sakarya, H. Yurtoğlu ve B. Duvan (1999). “A Cointegration Analysis of Alternative Core Inflation Measures For Turkey”, State Planing Organisation Research Report, Ankara, Turkey.
Bengi Kibritcioglu, Bulent Kose and Gamze Ugur (1999). “A Leading Indicators Approach to the Predictibility of Currency Crises: The Case of Turkey”, General Directorate of Economic Research, The Undersecretariat of Treasury, Ankara

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Cengiz CİHAN ve Kamuran MALATYALI (1999). “Measuring Core Inflation in Turkey.”, State Planing Organisation Research Report, Ankara, Turkey.
Metin Kıvılcım, Ebru Voyvoda, and Erinc Yeldan, (1999). "Dynamics of Macroeconomic Adjustment in a Globalized Developing Economy: Growth, Accumulation and Distribution, Turkey 1969-1998". (Working Paper ) Gazi University Conference on "The Anatomy of the Crisis", May 1999, Ankara, Turkey.
Jan C. van Ours and Justus Veenman (1999), "The Netherlands; old emigrants - young immigrant country", IZA, conference on "European Migration: What Do We Know? München 14/15 November 1997.
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Christina Hartler and Sam Laird (1999). " The EU Model and Turkey-A Case for Thanksgiving?", World Trade Organization, Trade Policy Review Division, Staff Working Paper TPRD-99-01. (WORD DOC)
Ufuk Hazirolan (1999). "Inflation Targeting:Japanese Case And Prospects For Turkey", Undersecretariat of the Treasury, Ankara, Turkey. Mimeo. 

Safa Demirbas (1999), "Cointegration Analysis-Causilaty Testing and Wagner's Law: The Case of Turkey: 1950-1990", Department of Economics, University of Leicester.

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Dagobert L. Brito (1999). "Congestion of the Turkish Straits: A Market Alternative", Rice University discussion paper.

E. Yeldan and F. Selcuk (1999), On the Macroeconomic Impact of the August 1999 Earthquake in Turkey: A First Assessment, Bilkent University.
Pinar ÖZBAY(1999). "The Effect of Exchange Rate Uncertainity on Exports: A Case Study for Turkey", Research Department Working papers, The Central Bank of The Republic of Turkey.

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